Cost Saving, Safe, Equal Performance and Environmentally Friendly

Financial Benefits

  • Cost saving (price more constant)
  • Taxed lower – can claim VAT back
  • Gas can’t be stolen from vehicles
  • Does not have to be stored underground (quick refueling infrastructure setup)
  • Portable refueling infrastructure on routes, ranks etc.
  • High supply in SA – various suppliers



  • Burns rather than exploding (safer on impact tests)
  • Dissipates when leaks rather than forming  puddle
  • Emissions are safer for your health


  • Equal performance
  • Increased engine performance is optional
  • With a bi-fuel system – run on gas or petrol/diesel
  • Switches over automatically between gas and petrol/diesel


Stricter international standards on vehicle emissions has accelerated the introduction of greener vehicle technologies.

These technological advances, which include the PRINS VSI system for LPG & CNG, have led to a dramatic reduction in harmful pollutants such as,carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter; so much so, that a car manufactured today produces twenty times fewer emissions than a car made in 1970.


  • Up to 90% better emissions.
  • Contributes towards a healthier environment.