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Fuel Systems 

GAZTRON is the sole distributor of Prins Autogas bi-fuel products, a world leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for more than 30 years, providing an OEM approved cost-effective alternative fuel solution for a wide range of engine types.

This high-tech sequential gaseous injection system (VSI System) reduces fuel cost and CO2 emissions, by converting petrol and diesel engines to run on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) without losing drivability or performance.


What we will achieve 

Gaztron will revolutionise the motor industry in South Africa.

Almost every car can run on gas and it costs half as much as petrol. Considering the volumetric efficiency your monthly fuel expense will drop with about 45%. Millions of cars have converted to this technology internationally. In places like Africa this is still big news whereas in places like Tokyo, 90% of their taxi industry is running on LPG.

Approximately 50 Million cars worldwide run on gas.

 LPG produces 10% less carbon dioxide and 85% less carbon monoxide and smaller quantities of all the other exhaust contributions. That means it qualifies for slightly cheaper car tax and you can claim vat back on the gas you fill up with. 

With hybrid and electric being the green fuel of choice in developed countries LPG has dropped off the radar for many motorists. This is however not the case in South Africa as our electricity supply and electric charging infrastructure is not in place.

We are keen to address the issues of safety. Thanks to a couple of DIY disasters and a couple of backstreet garage cowboy conversions, there have been some scare stories about LPG leaks and explosions. In the worst-case scenario gas will merely burn whereas petrol will cause a massive abrupt explosion. Gas is definitely safer than petrol not only from an emissions perspective but in terms of crash test results as well. 


These car engines are ready for LPG (Autogas)

How to make transport cleaner as of today? Switch to Autogas (LPG)! Because this alternative fuel immediately delivers result in lowering emissions like CO2, NOx and particles. This means Autogas is cleaner, convenient, affordable and also available today. Watch this video to see some of our latest developments. 

About Prins Auto Gas System

Prins’ mission statement and ultimate long-term goal is to develop a system returning near zero emissions for internal combustion engines.

To achieve this ultimate goal PRINS has developed and will continue to focus on its 3 important core values, namely:



Customer Care.