Fuel Systems 

GAZTRON is a provider of green energy solutions that save you money. From Biogas, Natural Gas & LPG powered car/ truck conversions or Solar/Gas Hybrid Power Plants to Gas Refuelling Infrastructure, we do it all.

We are the sole distributors of Prins Autogas bi-fuel products, a world leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for more than 30 years, providing an OEM approved cost-effective alternative fuel solution for a wide range of engine types.

Load Shedding, no problem! We can provide you with a Gas Generator or set up an entire Solar/Gas Hybrid Power Plant to take you off the grid. Whatever is the best and most cost-effective solution for you.

Whether you own a truck/car fleet and want a refilling point on your premises or have a fuel station, we can provide you with gas refuelling infrastructure.



Gaztron will revolutionise the motor industry in South Africa.

Almost every vehicle can run on gas, and it costs half as much as petrol or diesel. Your monthly fuel expense will drop by up to 45%. Millions of cars have converted to this technology around the world.

Gas is a cleaner fuel that produces significantly fewer carbon emissions. For this reason, international agreements have also been signed to keep the gas price differential constantly lower. It also qualifies for slightly cheaper car tax, and you can claim VAT back on the gas you fill up with.

Even though electric vehicles seem to be the new buzzword, gas is the correct solution for South Africa. Local electricity supply problems and the recharging time of an EV is just the starting point on why this is not a good solution for our country.

Lithium-ion mining is far from a green process and the manufacturing of EV’s is not nearly as green as traditional Internal Combustion Engines.

The emissions problem we face is not due to ICE’s but rather to traditional fuels. Biogas is purified into Bio-Methane and the process of consuming this fuel is a Carbon Negative process.

We are keen to address safety concerns. When gas is compressed in a vessel/tank it is in a liquid state and thus not flammable. In the very extreme case where a tank is punctured, gas will merely burn whereas petrol/diesel will cause a massive abrupt explosion. Think of a cigarette lighter to help you with the argument.


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About Prins Auto Gas System

Prins’ mission statement and ultimate long-term goal is to develop a system returning near zero emissions for internal combustion engines.

To achieve this ultimate goal PRINS has developed and will continue to focus on its 3 important core values, namely:



Customer Care.